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michalis argyrou

The most aesthetically appealing longboards

Since 1995, Arbor has designed products around the goal of replacing as many environmentally harmful materials as possible with functional, ecologically based alternatives. Arbor is located in Venice, California.

arbor koa

Arbor Rally Complete Longboard 

The Rally brings an old school surf vibe to the compact cruiser experience. The design's short wheelbase and kicktail turns weaving in-and-out of urban obstacles into the day's best line.

A cruiser-style board ready to do the ultimate in city slashing. It features one of the most aesthetically appealing looks to it with the classic pintail shape and rad swallow tail. It has a very surfy vibe with its radical surf inspired design. The Arbor Rally comes with a cork top grip so that fits perfectly with the style of the board. Ready to be able to keep to your feet enough for shredding around corners but also soft and forgiving underneath your feet so that you're able to cruise for miles without any cramping. All in all the Arbor Rally is an awesome setup that has been set as a shop cruiser for years now.